Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7
Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7

Curved Dog Tail Plug, 7


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Why adopt a pup when you can turn your partner into a canine you can fuck? All you need to do is buy this silicone dog tail to transform your lover into a tamed, obedient doggie. The butt plug is fabulous from top to bottom! It has a semi-teardrop-shaped head, a sturdy neck, and an anchor-shaped base, with a dog-like tail.

The semi-teardrop-shaped body allows comfortable penetration. It lets the plug slide into your tight tunnel until it reaches your pleasure spot. Meanwhile, the proper length of the neck lets you retain the plug much longer as it lets the plug sit snugly inside. And as for the anchor-shaped base, it keeps the plug in place as you move and allows you to reverse the tail position safely. This portion of the plug promises that it won't get fully inserted into your ass, keeping your anal sex activities safe and pleasurable.

All these features are made of premium silicone. This ensures the flexibility and durability of the toy. It conforms to your bum's contour, making it easier for you to move. Plus, it is easy to clean. Place it under running water to rinse off lube (and fecal matters) then wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, dry, and you are done!

This tail is ideal for all genders. Wear nothing but this sex toy to seduce your partner to fuck you. You can also wear it with lingerie and a pair of dog ears when attending a fetish party. We guarantee that everyone will give you a second look as you strut your way, with your provocative animal costume, from the entrance. This tail will bring excitement to your sex life!

Wear this during sex play and have a fun and erotic night with your master.

Color Black
Type Tail Plug
Material Silicone
Length handle:20 cm.(7.87")
plug:8 cm. (3.15")
Width handle:N/A
plug:3 cm. (1.18")

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