Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16
Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16

Orange Silicone Cat Tail Plug 16


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There can never be a peak of your sexual adventures. The thirst you have for a new kind of climax allowed you to explore unknown erotic pleasures like never before. Having this freedom gives you purpose and fuel to perform your mundane tasks in the morning. Then, when the night comes, you unleash the sexy diva in you.

As with any venture, you have to be open to new tools to enhance the whole experience. If you are, then having this tail plug, Orange With White Tip 17" is perfect for you.

You won't need anything but this toy. Great for individual play or with a partner, this silicone plug is easy to use. Silicone's skin-like texture will allow you to insert this inside without any hassle. This material is also nonporous and body safe, so you can use this even on the sensitive areas of your body.

Furthermore, you have a convenient tapered design to give you a more comfortable insertion. Of course, you have to add an ample amount of water-soluble lube to assist in the anal play. The 3.23 inches of silicone filling will open your ass up.

You will also be delighted to know that this comes with a mesmerizing foxtail. The regal orange hue is something you have not seen before. Give your lover a show as you strut your way in bed with this on. The plug will open your ass while the tail will give him something to look at.

Cleaning this plug regularly is one way to keep it in top shape. Give it a nice wash with warm water and mild soap. Dry it with a clean cloth, then store it in a separate container.

Never dim your light for anyone. Explore your body with the use of this helpful tool. Add this to your purchase today!

Product Details:


Tail: Orange with White Tip

Plug: Black

Type Tail Plug

Tail: Fur

Plug: Silicone


Tail: 17 in.

Plug: Medium - 3.23 in.


Tail: N/A

Plug: Medium - 1.34 in.

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