Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11
Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11

Glass Raccoon Anal Plug, 11


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color - Golden

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Sex feels awesome, but it could get boring or too common sometimes. Once everything feels and looks familiar, it becomes unexciting. That is why we are always in pursuit of ways and means to bring the element of surprise to please our partners and wow ourselves, too! How about surprising your significant other with this raccoon tail plug? This bad boy features an exquisite glass plug which delivers that lusty fullness you've always craved for.

With a length of 10 cm and a width of 2.5 cm, this plug is the perfect starter kit for those novices out there who are inexperienced in anal stimulation. Although small, this plug will surely hit those sensitive areas in the ass. It will also deliver a sense of fullness that will render an amazing anal climax. If you're worried about a plug traveling and getting lost in your rectum, fret no more as it has a disc-shaped base that will prevent the plug from being completely sucked in.

This plug is so versatile that you can use it in countless sexual acts! How about livening up your oral foreplay by incorporating the erotic pleasure from a tail plug and the joy of hands-free experience? The result is a magnificently blissful climax which you have not felt before! Single and love doing it solo? This butt plug is the perfect toy to take it to the next level.

Place the plug inside, start those familiar strokes and you will see a big difference! You can even use the soft, fluffy tail to tickle your butt cheeks! With each sensual, titillating brush, you'll be ecstatic! This tail plug is truly primed to give you decadent pleasure.

Experience new sensations because the possibilities are endless. Try it and discover a whole new world of anal pleasure you've never had before!


Handle: Brown

Plug: Black, Clear, Golden, Green

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Acrylic Fibers

Plug: Glass


handle: 27 cm (10.63in)

plug: 10 cm (3.93in)


handle: N/A

plug: 2.5 cm (0.98in)

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